In business since 1966, we are a Cheyenne, Wyoming-based Commercial Helicopter Operator. We provide flight services in various fields, as well as maintenance and repair. From our diverse fleet of aircraft, to highly skilled crew, we offer a knowledgable and high level of service to all of our customers.

AS350 H125 helicopter


Our current aircraft fleet consists of Airbus Helicopter models (AS350B3/H125), Bell Helicopter models (205A1) and MD models (MD530F). The Trans Aero LTD helicopters are suited for a variety of applications, and designed for hot/high temperatures and altitudes, transporting material externally with highly skilled vertical reference pilots.

An AS350 B3 helicopter in flight with mountains in the background


The main focus of the company includes government contracts, such as: wildland firefighting, seismic oil and gas exploration, and construction of various types. Other missions include passenger transport, power pole setting, air conditioner sets, photography flights, and mining support with core and conventional drilling. 

A Bell 205A1 sits in a hangar


In addition to flight services, Trans Aero LTD provides repair and maintenance service. As a certified Airbus Service Center, we are factory-authorized to perform work on Airbus Helicopters. As an FAA 145-certified repair station we are also capable of maintaining a variety of other aircraft models.


Trans Aero LTD is a factory-authorized service center for Airbus Helicopters, capable of maintaining a variety of aircraft models. With a long history of maintaining and operating Airbus helicopters, we are specially qualified to address all of your maintenance needs. From basic troubleshooting to the 144 month major inspection, and all points in between, we can provide fast, quality maintenance services to keep you flying.