At Trans Aero, safety is a foundational pillar of our company culture. It is a top priority and at the forefront of every operation conducted each and every day. Our principal of safety here at Trans Aero carries over to what we do outside of work as we serve our communities.

From our SMS program to various awards and certifications, we are constantly striving to embed a philosophy of safety into everything that we do.


Our SMS program is accredited by the FAA and we continue to be committed to continuous improvement. Trans Aero has received a top grade from ISN as well as Avetta. We are pursuing NAAMTA accreditation for our Air Medical operations in New Mexico. 


pilot flying helicopter with mountains in the distance

LOVELAND, COLORADO July 9- Trans Aero has achieved the status of “Active Conformance,” as stipulated in the requirements of the the FAA’s SMS Voluntary Program. This process, which Trans Aero entered in 2016 at the early stages of the program, provides FAA oversight to ensure operators continue to maintain a comprehensive, robust Safety Management System (SMS).

SMS is a management system with formal structure for managing risk, and is a fundamental business practice within the aviation industry. While Trans Aero had a functional SMS program prior to entering the Voluntary Program, the company aspired to further its commitment to continuous improvement… 


At Trans Aero, we believe that the highest levels of safety and performance start through communication.

Once a month, we send out an intraoffice newsletter highlighting team member accomplishments, company news, points of focus and goals, as well as safety best practices, in order to maintain transparency and serve as a starting point for conversations with our entire team.


ā€œIt is in the production environment that a strong and just safety culture and SMS must be developed and exist. Production can exist without a safety culture but to what end? It is in the balance between production and safety that lies a desirable work environment and a prosperous company.ā€ 

Kevin Shields, President