A red AS350 B3 helicopter sits on a snowy helipad

Trans Aero Ltd, also known as Trans Aero LTD Helicopter Services, is authorized to do business under FAR 135, 133, 137. Our main focus as a company includes government contracts, wildland fire fighting, and oil and gas exploration. Trans Aero LTD helicopters are designed for hot/high temperatures and altitudes, transporting material externally with highly skilled vertical reference pilots. Other missions include: passenger carrying, power pole setting, air conditioner sets, photography flights, and mining support with core and conventional drilling. Our corporate office is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming and our main base of operations is in Loveland, Colorado. We do a lot of work in the Rocky Mountain region, but also all across the nation.

In 2016, Trans Aero partnered with EMSRx to form Trans Aero MedEvac, an air medical transport company dedicated to bringing a quality focus back to air medicine.

For information on Trans Aero MedEvac, please visit our website.