A Cessna 340 airplane sits on the tarmac


With a wide range of capabilities and aircraft performing different missions through out the United States, Trans Aero LTD has committed resources at the ready to respond to any need. 

We employ fixed wing pilots that are always “on-call”, ready to transport crews, tooling and parts to our deployed aircraft via Trans Aero LTD’s Cessna 340.

By air or by ground, Trans aero is ready to respond. Our staff of dedicated professional drivers and SAE mechanics will make sure that our ground support equipment and fuel service vehicles are on site and ready to support flight operations.

We have a variety of fuel trucks available. Our trucks range in size from 9,500 GVW to 54,000 GVW.

Trans Aero LTD also owns two Freightliners and Macs with tank capacities in excess of 4000 gallons.